Sunday, April 12, 2009

A letter from India

A letter from India:
Hello father,
I do not know where to start from.........Ok. I am from India, the name of my city is kurukshetra( hope you have heard from Dror) in haryana state.
Dror came to my city in July-August 2006 with all members of Shiva riders ( Mr. viking 'papa g', his sons krishna and shiva, martin 'shambhu', aron, alicia, and of course Machiko ).
As i am also an Enfield rider, we found each other through a common friend Deepak ( whom house they were staying those days ).Ours plan was to ride to London on RE.......( hope you knew about it at that time ).
We have spent a good time.We use to talk in day time and in the night we ride on the NH 1.
He was full of life.I never saw him in sad moment in whole month. And on the road he was very delight to ride. His driving skills were awesome.
I always remember he used to wear a white cloth on his head, which he took from a hotel in Thialand as he told me.
Dror used to know a lot about the RE 350. When he saw mine he said , " ahaan.... 2002 model... nice". And i was surprised how he knew this.
Last year when i came to know about the tragic accident i was shattered.......****...... he didnot deserve that.
God is not kind enough to us.Please tell me about the truck driver, what happened to him. Is he in jail ? or runs away...
Where is machiko ? Is she all right ?I have heard from a rider that she got her back injured on that cruel day.
I have all my sympathy with you and the family.
Hope to meet you someday.
God bless you and all the riders.
Ready to help you any time.
Amit Chaudhary

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